Welsh Government report highlights the importance of Bangor’s new Health and Medical Research Institute

In the recent report “ Delivering Science for Wales 2015-16” the annual report on the Welsh Governments science strategy describes the launch of the new Bangor Institute of Health & Medical Research (BIHMR) in February as on of the years highlights. 

In the report the Chief Scientific Adviser writes, “BIHMR will be part of a strong NHS research environment for north Wales, focusing particularly on its existing excellence in such areas as dementia, cancer diagnostics and rehabilitation, and using new methods for doing top quality research.”

Research linked to the institute will go from bench to bedside and beyond and Prof. Clare Wilkinson; BIHMR Lead said “We were delighted to see the Institute in the Chief Scientific Advisor's report.

This demonstrates the Wales Government's recognition of Bangor's role, and points to our good position to play a leading role in years to come.  We were particularly pleased that our research themes resonate with Wales Government's health policies.”

The strength of Bangor’s research across a number of healthcare and medical themes was recently recognised in the UK Research Assessment Exercise where the School ranked highly overall and particularly for the quality of its outputs. Prof. Jo Ryecroft-Malone, Bangor University's PVC for Research summed up the situation at present saying “"Rightly, the excellence of Bangor University's health and medical research has been noted in the Chief Scientific Advisor's annual report.

The new Bangor Institute for Health and Medical Research provides an opportunity to both make visible, and, catalyse health research with impact for the region and well beyond. Our researchers, in collaboration with the local health board, and other national and international partners are generating evidence that is making a real difference to the health and well being of patients and the public.”

Publication date: 29 April 2016