Welcome to Death Café at Bangor University

At a Death Cafe people gather to eat cake, drink tea and talk about death, they’ll find a space to be honest about their experiences, curiosities, regrets, hopes and fears. In death we have something that everyone shares yet nobody shares, an unknown and often unspoken with consequences. The aim of a death cafe “is to increase awareness of death to help people make the most of their (finite) lives”.

All Bangor University students are invited to attend!

We'll be at Pontio in Bangor
Room of Requirement (located at the Students Union, 4th Floor Pontio) 
Thursday 03/05/18 at 14:00

please contact Benjamin Turton to book a place or for more information:
01248 383140 

There is no cost.

Tea, coffee and Bangor brownies will be served free of charge! 




Publication date: 30 April 2018