Conference Compares Social Care in a Bilingual Context

Two lecturers at Bangor University, funded by the Coleg Cymraeg have travelled to Canada in May as part of a co-operative venture betwen the Coleg, Bangor University and Canada’s Consortium national de formation en santé to share information, develop a partnership and raise the profile of problems which exist when providing health and social care through the medium of Welsh.

Sharon Pierce and Ruth Wyn Williams, who lecture under the auspices of the Coleg Cymraeg at Bangor University’s School of Healthcare Sciences, have received funding through the Coleg’s small grants scheme to attend the seminar in Ottawa between 21-22 May.

The event is held alongside a conference entitled Language Rights and Challenges in an Era of Globalization where each Language Commissioner will be present including Meri Huws, the Welsh Language Commissioner.

The aim is for researchers from Canada and Wales to share experiences and discuss social care in a bilingual context and the significant challenges that exist.

They will specifically look at policies and the structure within both countries with the hope of clarifying any gaps which exist within the research and identify collaboration opportunities.

During the stay, there will be an opportunity to visit a hospital in Montfort, Ottawa which delivers a bilingual service (French/English) to patients and chat to researchers at Ottawa University.

The end goal is to see improvement in the language services offered in health care within a bilingual context and create more efficient services.

Ruth Wyn Williams said:

‘‘I look forward to presenting the work of the Coleg at the seminar as well as the wider context here in Wales. I hope that it will also present an opportunity to share new pathways of teaching and put those into practive here in Wales. It will be a great chance to learn how countries who face similar challenges to us respond to barriers and make the most of the opportunities available.’’

Publication date: 21 May 2015