Celebrating outstanding contributions to teaching and learning

Nine members of staff have been awarded prestigious Bangor University Teaching Fellowships. Teaching Fellowships recognise the importance of exceptional teaching and learning within the University, and are awarded based on evidence of excellence within five categories: Enhancement, Innovation, Impact, Scholarship, and Leadership

Nominations for Teaching Fellowships are made by Heads of Schools, and their evidence is reviewed by the Teaching Fellowships Panel, chaired by Professor Nicky Callow, PVC for Teaching and Learning. The Panel is composed of the College Directors of Teaching and Learning, members of the Centre for Enhancement in Learning & Teaching (CELT), and representatives from the Students’ Union.

Professor Nicky Callow, PVC for Teaching and Learning said,

"This year’s Fellowship recipients embody excellence in teaching and learning within Bangor University. It is without doubt that these recipients have transformed the learning experience for individual students, cohorts of students, modules, and programmes. More than that, these award recipients have positively enhanced practice within, and in many cases, beyond our University. Whilst Bangor University Teaching Fellowships are always a special recognition of excellence, to have received this award under the circumstances of this past year, is truly exceptional."

This year's Teaching Fellowships for the College of Human Sciences have been awarded to:

Dr Gemma Griffith - Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Gemma Griffith is an outstanding staff member within the School of Psychology. Gemma is Course Director for our internationally renowned Masters in Mindfulness programmes, and in this role, she has enhanced accessibility to funding, enabling a significant increase in applications. In addition, Gemma’s pedagogical research on teacher training is informing best practice across the UK and also on an international stage, evidenced by her recent publications, inclusive of the book Essential Resources for Mindfulness Teachers (2021).

Gemma has an excellent track-record with regard to dissertation supervision, enabling a significant number of her masters’ students to publish; this has been hailed as outstanding practice by our External Examiners. In sum, Gemma’s careful and compassionate mentorship and leadership, as well as her excellence in teaching and pedagogy, make her truly worthy of this prestigious award.   

Dr Caroline Bowman, Interim Head of School, Psychology 

Gemma said, "I am delighted to receive the teaching fellowship for teaching on the Master’s in mindfulness programme at Bangor University. Teaching on this masters has lead me and our team to further develop the pedagogy of how best to train mindfulness teachers, this includes the inside out group model, a reflective practice tool called the MBI:TLC, and a recent book called ‘Essential Resources for Mindfulness Teachers’. I originally studied psychology back in 2004 with the hope that I would one day be able to have a positive impact on people, and as we train students to become mindfulness teachers themselves, there is a sense that our teaching on the master’s course ripples out far beyond Bangor, when our students teach their participants about how they might use mindfulness to help to reduce stress and increase wellbeing. This sense of being part of the community of mindfulness practitioners and researchers – drawing upon the wisdom of those who taught me, and passing that knowledge on to others, is a daily source of inspiration."

Dr Jaci Huws - Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Sciences

I am delighted that Jaci has been awarded this prestigious award this year, testament to Jaci’s outstanding and sustained contribution to teaching, learning, and a track record of going above and beyond to support Bangor students.

Through her many roles, Jaci consistently demonstrates exceptionally high standards for teaching and a strong desire to provide students with the optimum learning experience, and this award reflects the recognition by students and colleagues of Jaci’s unswerving commitment to her role at Bangor.

Jaci is an excellent ideal role model and I wish to congratulate her warmly on the Teaching Fellowship

Dr Lynne Williams, Head of School of Health Sciences

Jaci said, "Students studying on the courses that I teach come from all over the world - some live a stone's throw away from the University, whilst many travel many thousands of miles to study at Bangor. They all share a passion about health, public health, and the promotion of health, and what I enjoy most about my work is being amongst so many students who are so focussed on making a difference. As an added bonus, I get to do my work as part of a team of staff who are also focussed on making positive differences to people’s lives; it is no wonder that I love my job so much!"

Kevin Williams - Chief Technician - Physiology Research and Teaching

Kevin Williams has had an expansive influence on teaching and student support within SHES. His work is outstanding and goes far above and beyond what is expected for a technical member of staff. As a practical and applied subject, taught in a research-led curricular, sport and exercise science at Bangor is very reliant on laboratory and technical support. Kevin has provided this without fault during his career, but he has also gone above and beyond to ensure a practical element to our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees has remained possible during the pandemic.  

Beyond his technician role, Kevin is a module leader and personal tutor, where his work is recognized as outstanding by his students and colleagues. He uses his English and Welsh language skills, and is always willing to drop his current task, to help individual students and staff when they inevitably knock on his door in times of laboratory or pastoral need. Kevin’s activities impact positively upon the whole School, and we are all very pleased that his dedication and excellence is being recognized with a Bangor University Teaching Fellowship.  

Dr Jamie Macdonald, Head of School of Sports, Health and Exercise Sciences

Kevin added, "Having the opportunity to teach our students as a technician is a great honour for me and is an aspect of my role that gives me the greatest sense of achievement and satisfaction.  This year has been particularly challenging for all teaching staff and has required flexible and innovative delivery of teaching sessions.

In the laboratory setting we incorporated a mixture of online resources and ‘in-person’ teaching, with procedures and equipment significantly modified to ensure the safety of students and staff. The additional work involved was at times extremely difficult to manage, however the feedback we received from our students and staff was fantastic and made all the extra effort worthwhile. I am truly honoured to receive this award and thank all staff involved."

Congratulations to you all!

Publication date: 15 July 2021