Bangor Child Nursing student invited by Nursing Times to be a guest speaker at their Careers Live Event

Following a year-long guest student editor post for the Nursing Times second year Child Nursing student Thomas Williams has been invited to be one of the key speakers in the Nursing Times Careers Live event in Birmingham on the 25th September. Thomas will join the editor in chief, Steve Ford to discuss his experiences as a student nurse, his career hopes and how he got into Nursing.
Thomas has been exceptionally active as a Children's Nursing student and is always keen to share his experiences and insights into the role with others. He is also about to get involved in speaking with Child and Young Persons Network from a student perspective on topics as important and emotive as preparing children for death and difficult conversations in end-of-life care. He states: ‘’I have enjoyed writing for The Nursing Times and I am excited to see where my career is moving to. I am extremely proud to be asked to represent the School in this way, I have worked very hard to get to this point and I have experienced a roller coaster during my training’’.
Children’s Nursing lecturer Jo Bentham Smith said "Within Bangor University our children’s and young people’s nursing degree programme prepares students to deal with the particular challenges children’s and young people’s nurses face on a daily basis; from collaborating with and supporting families, to the complexities, intricacies and the intuition required to communicate with babies and children of all ages; from the skill required to recognise a deteriorating child, to the ability to minimise the impact of hospitalisation and illness on children and their families.  
The role of the children’s and young people’s nurse is varied and complex and is ever evolving in its quest for continuous quality improvement to ensure the best up to date care possible is delivered. Thomas is a committed and enthusiastic student who exemplifies what makes a good children’s and young people’s nurse.  
The faculty is delighted at the news that Thomas has been invited to represent children’s and young people’s nursing in these prestigious activities".  

Nursing Times Careers Live is a series of free to attend live and virtual nursing job fairs and educational career conferences. Registration details for the event can be found here.


Publication date: 8 July 2021